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BC Hydro Power Smart
Greenhalo is a registered member of the Power Smart Alliance working for the Green IT Program.¬†Power Smart’s Green IT initiative covers various areas within Information Technology including desktop power management, energy efficient equipment, server virtualization, thin clients and green procurement policies. The program provides funding for energy studies that provide their customers the ability to baseline their current power consumption and estimate future consumption by employing energy efficient technologies and / or processes.

Greenhalo is a Faronics channel partner. Faronics PowerSave delivers PC power management that does not interfere with user or IT requirements. Power Save keeps computers running when users need them and accurately determines when computers are inactive so they can be powered down. Power Save generates accurate reports detailed by computer and monitor that show the incremental savings gained through the use of Power Save in both kWH and dollars; this data can be exported to any other reporting tool for additional analysis.  For more information on Faronics, crank up www.faronics.com.

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